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These materials are used for upgrading items such as armor, weapons and accessories.

Galaxy Dust

Minted by the dwarves of the Universal Treasury, galaxy dust is a unique token as ancient as the universe itself. Dust has been used as the primary currency for commerce and trade across various worlds and galaxies. Galaxy Dust can be earned through daily rewards, battles and the Kupier Belt marketplace.

Void Stone (Tier 4-6)

A powerful stone found only in the treacherous corners of the Dark Beyond. It comprises of ominous black hole matter and is believed to rival the energy of a photon shard. Void Stones can be earned through staking Bronze rimmed Elder planets.

Primordial Rune (Tier 7-9)

The Universe relies on special artefacts called primordial runes to support its unfathomable structure. Without these ancient building blocks that generate cosmic power, the entire space will crumble and collapse. Primordial Runes can be earned through staking Silver rimmed Elder planets.

Photon Shard (Tier 10+)

The most powerful material known to the finite universe. These luminous wisps of condensed light are the fragments left of Luxuria when she exploded after getting hit by Prime Galactus's ethereal blast. Photon Shards can be earned through staking Gold rimmed Elder planets.


Planet materials can be earned through staking Elder planets and can be used to create Titan planets. Purchase Elder planets here. Pyrestone A red-hot flaming rock mined from the scorching grounds of


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