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Neptune of Frostdale - The Mad Scholar

Nestled deep in the raging winters of Frostdale, Neptune is a devoted servant to knowledge. This avid scholar is passionate about unraveling the universe's secrets. Armed with a reliable rifle, Neptune's capacity for rapid calculations makes him a deadly marksman. His enemies, millions of miles away, remain unaware of their fate until a precisely aimed bullet strikes with chilling accuracy. Neptune is resolute in his quest for universal omniscience.

To Neptune, knowledge reigns supreme, even over Cosmos, the universal ruler. From his emergence from the Swirl, Neptune's inquisitiveness was evident. He bombarded Cosmos with endless questions, displaying an insatiable curiosity about the cosmos. His intrigue was so intense that he even dared to examine Cosmos's trident, an act that would have been fatal for anyone else. However, Cosmos, amused by Neptune's thirst for knowledge, assigned him to Dale, a radioactive land rich in mystery and unexplored minerals. Previously, Cosmos had attempted to develop Dale but was hindered by his vast responsibilities.

Dale, a land less desired than even Helheim, was a treasure trove of secrets hidden within a barren landscape. Upon arrival, Neptune was ecstatic, ready to explore the plethora of mysteries awaiting discovery.

Over millennia, Neptune worked tirelessly to fulfill Cosmos's vision for Dale. His presence gradually transformed the once desolate land into Frostdale, a realm of relentless blizzards and icy landscapes, influenced by his constant emission of cold energy.

Neptune constructed a sprawling underground research facility powered by Frostdale's radioactive minerals. Manned by AI robots, this facility became a center of universal research and exploration. Despite others considering him eccentric, Neptune's dedication to acquiring knowledge knew no bounds.

One day, while exploring the Kuiper Belt's night market for rare artifacts, Neptune's attention was drawn to a mysterious figure. Following him out of curiosity, Neptune realized he was being observed and discreetly continued his surveillance using a cloaked mosquito drone.

Tracking the figure to a secluded forest, Neptune watched as the man revealed himself to be Pluto, who then activated a portal using a glowing red stone. Neptune's drone followed through the wormhole, where Pluto met with a man named Kronus. This encounter revealed a chilling plot, and Neptune found himself inadvertently involved in a scheme beyond his comprehension.

Pluto's arrival at the pub where Neptune awaited confirmed the gravity of the situation. Tasked with creating a pure form of zephyrium, Neptune was caught in a web of intrigue involving Kronus, a powerful entity from the Dark Beyond. Despite his reservations, Neptune agreed to cooperate, driven by a blend of fear and fascination.

As Neptune worked alongside Pluto and Kronus, he secretly gathered information, planning to reveal their machinations to Cosmos when the opportunity arose. His role in the unfolding events, particularly during the 2nd Giganum Tournament, was not that of a conventional hero but of a scientist whose discoveries would prove crucial in a time of dire need.


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