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Genesis of the Cosmos: The Origin of Prime Galactus and Luxuria

Long before the universe came to be, there existed only two great calamities: the never-ending black hole, Prime Galactus, and Luxuria, the brightest supernova. Neither entity got along in any aspect. However, they grew tired of fighting and eventually fell in love. Their love gave birth to two powerful deities, Cosmos and Kronus. Cosmos grew to become a mighty warrior with strong leadership skills, mastering the art of light and spatial magic. His brother, Kronus, had a quiet personality paired with a creeping interest in dark arts. Expert in conjuring illusions, he secretly harbored the ability to manipulate time, unknown to his brother and parents.

One day, Cosmos had an idea: to create a universe, a place of diverse elements with the family ruling over it. Everyone liked the concept except Kronus, yet he still contributed. Together, they built everything from the ground up. Prime Galactus fed the darkness surrounding the universe as a barrier. Luxuria served as the beacon of light throughout space. Cosmos created the stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies, while Kronus designed them to age over time and eventually die.

The family ruled without problems for millions of years. However, Prime Galactus grew tired of governing an empty domain. He wanted to visit Cosmos's territory and interact with his subjects, but Cosmos forbade it, fearing his father's black hole nature would be deadly. This left Prime Galactus lonely and increasingly resentful.

Prime Galactus invaded Cosmos's domain without warning, plunging the entire universe into darkness and chaos. Together with Kronus, Cosmos fought back, and Luxuria sided with her sons, condemning Prime Galactus's actions. After a millennium of fighting, the brothers defeated their corrupted father, but at the heartbreaking cost of their mother's life. In a massive attack, Prime Galactus unleashed a blast of dark energy at his sons. Luxuria intervened, sacrificing herself and bursting into billions of light particles that illuminated the universe. Seizing the moment, Cosmos and Kronus defeated the weakened black hole. Cosmos then used Prime Galactus's remains to create the Dark Beyond, a veil around the universe.

The brothers ruled in harmony for light years, but over time, Cosmos grew wary of sharing power with Kronus. He deceived and drained Kronus's energy, banishing him to the Dark Beyond, where he was presumed dead. However, Kronus survived, fueled by vengeance. He regained strength and allied with banished planets from the first Giganum Tournament, preparing for a grand invasion against Cosmos's domain, setting the stage for an unparalleled cosmic war.


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