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Earth of Terra: The Aegis of Humanity

The only planet with the power to create life, Earth provides outstanding support from the backlines. Having absorbed some of Cosmos's powers, she can summon animals, spawn vines to bind enemies, or heal wounded allies. Plus, her masterful control over nature makes her a versatile force on the battlefield. Expect her to go to great lengths just to protect humans and those precious to her.

Earth is a cheerful planet who loves helping others. Imagine her as the damsel in fairy tales who befriends animals, knows the people in town, and is kind to everyone she meets. But happily ever after? That’s a story for another time. Earth's power coincidentally matched her endearing soul. Equipped with a fancy wand and a tattered grimoire, she uses her nature magic to channel life energy to allies and cast barriers to protect them from harm.

Ironically, even though she could produce life, Earth wasn’t supposed to exist. That's because she was almost dead upon materializing. When she burst from the Great Nebula Swirl, Earth was extremely thin, pale, and looked aged – in stark contrast to her twin brother Mars, who was robust, young, and blazed with energy.

The race against the clock was on. Every second that passed dramatically decreased Earth's chances of survival. But Cosmos couldn’t do anything. He felt his heart being clenched by an imaginary fist, wanting to save the young planet. Sadly, he didn’t understand the planets' composition since they were made of foreign matter from the Swirl. The last time he tried tinkering with them almost destroyed half of the universe.

But Mars showed no sign of giving up.

'Transfer half my life force to her,' he ordered Cosmos. It was quite a bold request to make to the Universal Emperor.

'I can’t, boy. She’s going to leak your energy away.'

'But what if I pinpoint the source of the leakage? Can you seal it away? This is my twin sister, old man. She needs me right now, and if something's wrong, I’ll be the first to know. Please.'

Cosmos sighed. How could he say no to such determined eyes? But at the same time, he didn’t want to witness another tragedy unfold.

'Locate the source, then I can try.'

Mars wasted no time. He shakily hovered his hands over Earth. A bright red and green aura began to envelop the twins. Moments later, Cosmos noticed the light getting faint around Earth's abdomen. It was the hole they were looking for. The Universal Emperor quickly examined the part.

'This hole doesn't just affect her body or soul. It penetrates right through her metaphysical being,' Cosmos explained. 'Sealing this requires me to imbue some of my energy into her. And even if she survives, the patch might react with your power as I transfer your life force to her. It’s way too risky.'

'Better than her being dead, for sure. Let's get it done.'

Cosmos started sealing Earth's metaphysical wound. What happened next became a defining moment for the universe. Every other planet watched in awe as Cosmos held Earth's and Mars's hands, channeling life from the latter to the former.

Moments passed. Nothing. Only dreadful silence. Everyone held their breath, expecting a loud boom if a reaction occurred. Suddenly, Earth let out a deep gasp. Not the outcome they were expecting but definitely the one they were hoping for. She took quick breaths as her appearance gradually turned vibrant. Cosmos was speechless. The emperor himself had witnessed a miracle. Though weakened by the procedure, Mars was beyond grateful as he ran to his twin sister and hugged her tightly.

That was the story of how Earth became a curse turned blessing. It wasn’t only her survival against all odds that made her special. Her brush with Cosmos's power allowed her to absorb some of it, which resulted in a peculiar mutation. She developed the ability to create life.

Earth took the lead in ruling the Terra region − a territory laced with empty continents and restless seas. As she began to understand her powers, she started producing simple lifeforms like bacteria and single-celled organisms. Honing her skills eventually led her creations to evolve into complex organisms until Terra was dotted with trees, flora, animals, and insects. Yet Earth’s ultimate creation was none other than humans. Functional beings with the intellectual capacity to reason and the physical capability to hunt. Like a proud mother, she cared for them through thick and thin. From there, Earth’s reign was marked by victories, plagued by tragedies, and filled with adventure.

Terra survived a meteorite attack from Saturn, but it killed the dinosaurs. Then evolution halted when Neptune failed to keep her lab under control, causing a galaxy-wide Ice Age. The Black Plague happened as a side effect as Earth tried to learn a new spell from Venus. Every single event in Terran history was tied to Earth, one way or another.

Centuries flew by quickly. Humans had now evolved from stubborn cave dwellers to intelligent creatures driven by tech and innovation. Even their progress surprised Earth. Despite some questionable decisions by humanity, Earth still cared for them as if they were her children.

So when the Second Giganum Tournament came into play, she vowed to do everything to protect her own. Even if it meant going against her brother, Mars, or her best friend, Venus, or facing the stronger planets like Saturn or Uranus. Hell, she’d fight anyone, even Cosmos himself.

Winning the tournament meant Earth becoming a star, and Cosmos could create a new inhabitable region for the humans. Their survival was the only prize she was looking for. With a big heart, protection powers, and unwavering faith in the people of Terra, Earth had earned the nickname, Aegis of Humanity.


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