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Uranus of Boulderstead: The Titan Fist

Hailing from the windswept, rocky plains of Boulderstead, Uranus is a savage at his core. This highly aggressive planet taunts his enemies and communicates through his powerful fists. Disinterested in weapons, he prefers to pummel foes with sheer force. Gifted with the ability to manipulate rock, he can augment his attacks or bolster his defense by transforming parts of his body into stone. His bloodthirsty nature dictates that only defeat in battle can bring sense to him.

After the tumult of the Great Nebula Swirl subsided, life in the vast universe resumed its course. Comets journeyed across space, asteroids clung to celestial bodies, and stars pursued their endeavors. Most planets were preoccupied with fortifying their domains and overseeing their subjects. Uranus, however, was indifferent to such duties. His sole desire was combat, and the mightier the adversary, the greater his zeal.

The assignment to Boulderstead by Cosmos was of little concern to him. For a young planet fascinated by shiny objects and blessed with the power to control stone, Boulderstead was ideal. Its mountainous terrain, adorned with clear skies and various rock formations, provided the perfect setting for Uranus to sharpen his abilities.

Over centuries, Uranus became an unbeaten force, conquering dark spawns, battling exoplanets, taming world eaters, and defeating nearly every formidable creature in the universe. This undefeated streak continued until he met Saturn, who effortlessly overpowered him, earning his respect. Recognized as mighty forces in space, Saturn and Uranus quickly forged a strong friendship.

On one occasion, they traversed the Pulsar Maze in search of potent liquor. During their journey, they encountered a betrayal at a large ale factory in Hexalor, a galaxy far from the Milky Way. Angered by the deception, they incapacitated the workers and indulged in the factory's ale before destroying the equipment. This escapade solidified their camaraderie.

However, the tale of their friendship wasn't destined for a happy ending. When Pluto malevolently murdered Saturn's pet dragon Samir and framed Jupiter for the act, Saturn, consumed by rage, launched a ferocious assault on Jupiter. The ensuing battle, lasting decades, ended with Jupiter's victory, leaving Saturn devastated and withdrawn.

During Saturn's absence, Uranus tirelessly searched the galaxy for him. Despite employing space detectives and bribing informants, his efforts were fruitless. When Saturn resurfaced, he was a changed being, corrupted by Pluto and zephyrium addiction. He wreaked havoc across the galaxy, a shadow of his former self.

Determined to save his friend, Uranus confronted Saturn at the Kuiper Belt, pleading with him to stop his destructive path. However, Saturn was too far gone, driven by vengeance and grief. Unable to persuade him, Uranus watched helplessly as Saturn disappeared.

Saturn's continued chaos under Pluto's influence only strengthened Uranus's resolve to save him. He devoted himself to rigorous training, preparing for the inevitable confrontation.

With the announcement of the 2nd Giganum Tournament, Uranus was ready. His sole focus was on Saturn, willing to face anyone who stood in his way. Despite Saturn's undefeated record against him, Uranus was determined to reach his friend, hoping to redeem him. The question remained whether he could succeed in his mission to save Saturn from his downward spiral.


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