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Pluto of Netheria - The Cheerful Demon

Lurking in the eerie crypts of the Nether, Pluto harbors secrets darker than the blackest black hole. Even Cosmos, the great universal emperor, struggles to control this mischievous planet and his antics. Pluto possesses the power to tear apart the fabric of time and space, using gravitational force to disintegrate enemies, obliterate them with plasma beams, or reverse time to heal himself. Known for his deceptive charm, he has earned the nickname "The Cheerful Demon" from those who have witnessed his actions.

Among all the planets created by the Great Nebula Swirl, Pluto perplexed Cosmos the most. Despite his omnipotence, Cosmos couldn't penetrate Pluto's aloofness. Pluto remained silent whenever Cosmos questioned him, showing no interest in communicating with other planets. Instead, he spent his time gazing into the vastness of space, absorbed in thoughts known only to him.

Unsure of a suitable territory for Pluto, Cosmos assigned him to the Nether on a whim. Also known as the Underworld, the Nether was a galactic graveyard, a realm saturated with death and despair, inhabited by souls of once-galactic beings, trapped by an invisible cosmic veil. Initially intended as a punishment for Uranus's insolence, Cosmos instead sent the boisterous Uranus to Boulderstead and placed Pluto in the Nether.

Adapting quickly to the chilling Nether, Pluto wasted no time seeking the Crystal of Truth, a gem granting control over the region's souls and monsters. The crystal was held by Galastor, an exiled star. Despite his age and declining power, Galastor was formidable, but Pluto was undeterred. Using his wit, Pluto, disguised as Galastor's cupbearer, weakened the star with a potion, then seized the opportunity to overthrow him. After a fierce struggle, Galastor succumbed to Pluto, who had fortified himself with an elixir.

With the Crystal of Truth, Pluto assumed control of the Nether. Not content with mere rulership, he displayed Galastor's head atop the highest peak as a stark warning to all. The crystal not only solidified his rule but also allowed him to converse with the dead, learning secrets that the living could never fathom.

Pluto's fascination grew with tales of souls lost in the Dark Beyond, a forbidden region outside Cosmos's reach. Driven by curiosity, he ventured to this uncharted realm, a vast expanse of darkness at the universe's edge. As he crossed into the Dark Beyond, he felt his life force waning, engulfed by an unseen force.

Persisting in this void, Pluto encountered Kronus, a mysterious figure shrouded in enigma and claiming vast knowledge of the cosmos. Kronus proposed an alliance to reshape the universe, free from Cosmos's strictures. Though wary, Pluto was intrigued by the prospect of power and a new order.

Thus, Pluto and Kronus formed a pact, laying plans for a universe-wide upheaval, culminating in the 2nd Giganum Tournament. This alliance marked the beginning of a scheme that would threaten the very fabric of the cosmos, with Pluto at its center.


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