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Jupiter of Cazrath: Heaven Incarnate

If Sol did not exist, Jupiter would have been the unquestionable king of the Solar System. As the first to emerge from the Great Nebula Swirl, a tremendous amount of power flows through his body. His regal figure and graceful demeanor never fail to inspire respect and invoke dominance. Proficiently commanding the weather and armed with a trusty cane, he travels around the universe, ensuring peace and order as established by Cosmos.

When discussing the concept of a 'ruler,' Cosmos immediately comes to mind. Creator of all things, protector of the weak, keeper of secrets, and the undisputed ruler of the universal throne. However, even an entity as esteemed as Cosmos has his limitations. He needs trusted celestials to govern territories while he focuses on the larger picture of his realm.

Next to Cosmos, Sol, better known as the Sun, serves as the king of the current Solar System. But as he ages, it's only a matter of time before his fuel dries up, and his fire is extinguished. Should this happen, the majority of the domain would likely turn to Jupiter, the eldest of the planets, to assume the role.

As the firstborn from the Swirl, Jupiter has the clearest memory of his origins. Other planets have little to no recollection of what they were doing before the Swirl or understand the purpose of their existence. However, Jupiter is aware they all have a mission—a task involving the universe and what lies beyond it. This discretion is so crucial to its success that he chose to keep it hidden from Cosmos for the greater good.

As a reward for being the first planet, Cosmos granted Jupiter the privilege to choose his own territory. Jupiter could have effortlessly chosen Wysteria for its breathtaking landscapes or Impetus, where he could have conquered existing nations to build a powerful army. Instead, he chose Cazrath, a barren land enveloped in a never-ending sandstorm. This decision surprised Cosmos.

Cosmos asked him why, to which Jupiter replied, "I want to develop a region from scratch."

And that's precisely what he did. He built cities dotted with magnificent structures, all made from sand. Although he couldn't create life like Earth, Jupiter values and cares for every living form. He often undertakes errands for Cosmos across the universe, ranging from dealing with rebels to liberating clusters, raiding slave factories, or delivering messages to alien occupants in other galaxies.

On his adventures, he adopted anyone he met who lacked a family or means to survive independently. He once took in a group of stray asteroids that tried to pickpocket him in the Kuiper Belt and saved a young space nymph enslaved by an abusive master near the Alpha Galaxy. Survivors from the First Astro Wars found a savior in Jupiter, who took them under his wing.

Jupiter has aided anyone in need. Celestial bodies with no future found a loving home in the comforts of Cazrath. He then assigned 53 of his most trustworthy adopted children to maintain order in his region, hence the 53 satellites or moons.

Everyone admires Jupiter. Young asteroids look up to him, space nymphs adore him, and even Cosmos and Sol respect his wise judgment. He is the embodiment of goodness. Acting as a big brother to younger planets like Earth, Mars, and Venus, he teaches them the ways of space. Simultaneously, he has established himself as a reasonable leader for the Outer Circle, which includes Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune. His solid leadership has been crucial in keeping the volatile Saturn and Uranus from causing widespread havoc.

Jupiter's morals align with his kind heart. He avoids conflict unless necessary, believing that disputes should and can always be settled diplomatically before resorting to force. With few able to match his energy, he rarely gets the chance to fight at full power.

When Cosmos isn't looking, he relies on Jupiter to maintain justice and security in the Solar System. Cosmos even offered Jupiter the chance to succeed Sol directly. He could just absorb the other planets, becoming the next star without any need for games or tournaments. However, Jupiter declined the offer, believing it unfair and doubting his worthiness for such a position.

Left with no other choice, Cosmos announced the 2nd Giganum Tournament. He was confident Jupiter would dominate, a sentiment echoed by Sol. But Jupiter warned them not to underestimate the other planets. There was Mercury with his resilience, Saturn with his vicious bloodlust, Mars's strong desire to protect his twin sister Earth, and his lover, Venus. Additionally, Jupiter harbored doubts about Pluto possibly concealing secret powers and agendas.

These uncertainties created a small but exploitable vulnerability that could lead to Jupiter's downfall during the tournament. Nevertheless, Jupiter resolved to fight every battle as if it were his last.


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