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Mars of Impetus: The God of War

Forged in the blood-stained arenas of Impetus, a region razed by conflict and carnage, Mars thrives on fighting. Tussling in thousands of intergalactic wars, he has mastered the art of pinpointing enemy weaknesses and finishing his prey with a single, graceful blow. Equipped with a high-tech arsenal and metal-bending powers, Mars obliterates his foes using brute force. If necessary, he can even disrupt their focus by manipulating magnetic fields. Enemies can only pray they don’t cross paths with the God of War on the battlefield.

To universe dwellers, Mars is a symbol of authority and power. He has single-handedly liberated a territory overrun by three of the most powerful races in the Solar System. Despite his impressive resume, the infamous God of War had humble beginnings.

Mars emerged from the Swirl with extraordinary force, believed to rival even Saturn and Jupiter in raw power. He could have easily been among the top four planets. However, after saving his twin sister, Earth, from a near-death experience, his life force was halved, dramatically weakening his abilities. Still, Mars remained more powerful than the average celestial body.

Cosmos recognized Mars’s unwavering will and resilience when he volunteered to sacrifice his life for Earth. Without hesitation, Cosmos teleported the red-headed warrior to the heart of Impetus, a land covered in red sand.

As an outsider in a foreign land, Mars started his journey from scratch. Unlike other planets that had easier tasks, conquering peaceful territories or areas devoid of lifeforms, Impetus posed a unique challenge. It was already inhabited by three warring nations: the massive lizard-like Crawlers, focused on expanding their cannibalistic population; the overly greedy Zendar, insect-like creatures seeking universal dominance through alien technology; and the eccentric dragonoid mages of Sinatra, dedicated to preserving their dark magic and sadistic ways.

Mars contemplated whether to unite these nations or eradicate them entirely. The only way to decide was through a fair evaluation. He first visited the kingdom of the Crawlers, who sacrificed their kin to their gods and feasted on their meat, a clear no-go. Next was the hive pods of the Zendar.

Realizing that the inhabitants of Impetus only cared about themselves at the expense of others, Mars understood why Cosmos had assigned someone with a solid moral compass like him to this place.

Mars recognized he couldn't immediately eradicate the evil surrounding the place; each nation had established its rule with strong military forts and considerable firepower. Conquering them would require training for thousands of years to take on millions of elite soldiers. He needed a quicker solution to liberate Impetus.

Mars devised a cunning plan. After years of observation, he noticed Zendar and Sinatra, both on edge, were fortifying defenses in preparation for a massive war, yet neither was willing to make the first move. They were merely cautious. As for the Crawlers, they remained uninvolved as long as the other two didn’t interfere in their affairs.

Mars, acting as a shrewd tactician, planted evidence in the Zendar headquarters, leading them to believe Sinatra was planning an invasion. He did the same with Sinatra. Both nations, unwilling to lose the element of surprise, attacked each other, resulting in an all-out war. The conflict ended with both armies nearly annihilated, making it easy for Mars to finish off the remnants.

Only the Crawlers remained. An army of cannibals was no match for Mars's caliber. He efficiently wiped them off the map, becoming the sole ruler and inhabitant of the red dunes of Impetus. His strength and innate talent in warfare were so profound that even Saturn, the planet with the strongest offensive potential, acknowledged him as a rival.

Centuries later, Mars allowed humans to visit and colonize Impetus, as Earth couldn’t manage the overpopulation at Terra. This exchange proved beneficial, as the humans provided Mars with futuristic technology. With access to laser rifles and plasma pistols, Mars expanded his lethal arsenal, becoming an even more formidable force.

During the 2nd Giganum Tournament, Mars had no intention of winning. His sole aim was to protect Earth, Venus, and Mercury from the larger planets. Whether he would succeed or the Inner planets would fall remained a matter of destiny and time.


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