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Mercury of Helheim: The Fiery Flash

Last to materialize from the Great Nebula Swirl, Mercury is the youngest planet. Growing up in the flaming pits of Helheim, he can produce fire at will and manipulate flames to devastate foes. His small yet light physique allows him to move freely across the battlefield at insane speeds. Although Mercury doubts his capabilities, pinch him into a corner, and this young cub won’t go down without a bloody fight.

Before reaching the cursed lands of Helheim, Mercury was a hopeless nobody − a small, insignificant dot in the unfathomable, vast universe. But even the smallest things can still be destined for greatness. Mercury survived long enough to prove this point.

His story began during the aftermath of the Great Nebula Swirl, the phenomenon that gave birth to the planets. Luminous clouds rumbling with plasma flickered as they gradually dispersed. Cosmos, the Supreme God of the Universe, thought everything was over. He had already sent the other planets to their respective regions. There was nothing more to do than observe. In a flash of bright light, he teleported back to his palace.

Once Cosmos was gone, the remaining energy particles from the Swirl began to come together. A dark mist formed around the convergence point, with streaks of lightning barraging the surrounding area. Suddenly, the powerful force building up exploded. Moments later, the clouds dissipated, and out came Mercury.

Left with no one but himself at the farthest edge of the universe, life had always been cruel for the young spawn - bound to die alone, naked, and gripped by cold. Yet luck was on his side. Light years later, an old man found him lying on a small pile of cosmic dust. The man turned out to be Sol, King of the Solar System. He was just headed to Cosmos's palace before getting lost and coming across the unconscious young planet. Sol wrapped Mercury with his cloak and took him on his journey.

At the gigantic palace, Cosmos was surprised when Sol told him about Mercury.

"I'm quite certain I felt zero activity from the Swirl before leaving," said Cosmos, scratching his stubble.

"I’m just as confused as you," Sol replied. "But judging from the energy coming off him, he’s certainly a planet. Hundred percent."

"No doubt. Hmmm... Sadly, Helheim is all that is left.”



"But that place is literally hell. I understand if it’s Jupiter or Uranus, but he's only a kid."

"Not much of a choice, really. The other regions are already occupied."

"Can't you just swap him with someone else?" Sol asked, an honest concern plated in his voice. "What about Uranus? Neptune? Surely those big guys won’t have a problem with Helheim's conditions. But this youngin'? He'll be toast."

"I get what you're saying, but I’ve already bound each planet to their territories using celestial pacts."

"But surely you can−"

"Don't make me repeat myself, Vulcan." Cosmos's eyes shot daggers right into Sol, who reluctantly averted his gaze. Even the Solar System's king felt like a tiny mouse in the presence of the owner of the entire universe.

"That kid is going to Helheim. Dead or alive. Whether you like it or not."

"As you wish."

With a heavy heart, Sol carried Mercury all the way to Helheim. He nursed him back to health inside a cave. When the boy was able to tend for himself, Sol headed back to his island. It pained him to do so, but he had universal matters to attend to as a king.

From time to time, Sol would visit the lonely Mercury, whose only company was the fire jackals. The two would spend happy nights chatting over the campfire. The old man told him countless tales about the universe. He also taught him how to harness the burning energy innately welling up within Helheim. Sol was the closest thing to a family Mercury ever got.

Equipped with celestial knowledge and destructive firepower, Mercury grew to become a fine teenager. Surprisingly, no matter how unfair life was, his soul remained pure. He never once bore hatred in his heart for the misfortunes that happened to him.

When Cosmos announced the Second Giganum Tournament, a fight to the death between planets, Mercury immediately decided not to participate. He'd only met Saturn once before and felt that he couldn't face a being of such caliber. Plus, he was content with life in Helheim. He was fond of the peace and happy with the friendship he shared with Sol.

But Mercury's overall demeanor shifted when the Universal Emperor revealed to him a secret. Sol, more commonly known as the Sun, was dying, and winning was the only way to save him from becoming a black hole.

Mercury stared at Cosmos with the same intense gaze he gave Sol centuries back, "Alright. Count me in."

That was how Mercury, the abandoned child from Helheim, came to enter the battlefield. Using the techniques he got from Sol, he would scorch opponents even before they see him, thus earning the title, The Fiery Flash.


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