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Saturn of Raven Tide: The Fallen Genius

Call him crazy, but Saturn will destroy anyone he perceives as weak and fragile. Endowed with the ability to alter the nuclear composition of anything he touches, Saturn is a living weapon of mass destruction. He can oscillate his rings at lightspeed to create intense energy pulses capable of obliterating entire armies in an instant. Using fission, he can weaken enemy defenses or reinforce his body with nuclear fusion. This versatile skill set makes him a juggernaut feared by even the most formidable warriors.

Imagine consistently being second best. For Saturn, this wasn't just a figment of the imagination—it was his reality. Emerging from the Swirl a few years after Jupiter, he was destined to live in his shadow. Although stronger than most other planets, Saturn paled in comparison to Jupiter's power. Jupiter was not only more powerful but also wiser and more mature. Cosmos had even appointed him as his right-hand man. Whatever Saturn did, Jupiter did it better.

This subtle yet unspoken rivalry gradually bred insecurities within Saturn. He secretly resented how others lauded Jupiter's actions, admired his strength, and even overlooked his flaws. Being assigned to Raven Tide by Cosmos exacerbated his feelings. It was a region dominated by raging seas and scarce land. Why was he given such a challenging territory? Why did Jupiter get a choice, but not him? These questions fueled his growing bitterness.

As centuries passed, Saturn's ambition to surpass Jupiter intensified. It became an obsession, an almost unquenchable thirst for superiority. Despite his inherent power and combat prowess, Saturn trained relentlessly. He would disguise himself as an old man to participate in illegal betting fights in underground arenas, not for the prize money but for the thrill of victory. Whenever a war broke out in the galaxy, he often sided with the underdog, assisting them in turning the tides of battle. Saturn's competitive nature was also evident in his sparring sessions with Uranus, his closest friend, whom he defeated consistently despite Uranus's formidable power levels.

Ironically, Saturn viewed himself as weak, believing he would never be strong enough unless he defeated Jupiter in combat. Jupiter, burdened with greater responsibilities, never entertained Saturn's challenges, seeing them as trivial.

Saturn's desperation for a legitimate reason to confront Jupiter materialized when Pluto, cunning and secretive, killed Saturn's pet dragon, Samir, while leaving evidence implicating Jupiter. Enraged, Saturn stormed Jupiter's castle, seeking revenge.

Jupiter attempted to reason with him, but Saturn was beyond listening. He launched a ferocious assault, bombarding Jupiter's domain with nuclear blasts and meteor showers. Just when Saturn seemed to be gaining the upper hand, Jupiter unleashed a devastating counterattack combining elemental forces. He surprised Saturn with a restraining spell, ending the battle abruptly. This display of power increased Jupiter's esteem among the Solar System, while Saturn faced scorn and isolation.

Drowning his sorrows on the edge of the Kuiper Belt, Saturn encountered Pluto, who mocked his downfall. Despite his initial reluctance, Saturn was persuaded by Pluto to use Zephyrium, a powerful but dangerous enhancement drug. Injected with Zephyrium, Saturn experienced an intoxicating surge of power, which marked the beginning of a downward spiral orchestrated by Pluto.

Pluto continued to supply Saturn with Zephyrium, fueling his addiction and clouding his judgment. Manipulated by Pluto, Saturn sowed chaos across the galaxy, attacking territories unprovoked and slaughtering innocents. This reign of terror led to his banishment by other planets and an alliance formed to capture him. Despite these efforts, Pluto's clandestine support allowed Saturn to elude capture repeatedly.

As Saturn's sanity eroded under the influence of Zephyrium, his once-noble character was lost, and he earned the moniker "The Fallen Genius." When the 2nd Giganum Tournament commenced, Saturn eagerly anticipated the opportunity to increase his strength and confront Jupiter. However, the prospect of facing his old friend Uranus weighed on him. The question remained: Could the once competitive but fair-minded Saturn resurface, or was he irreversibly consumed by his addiction and obsession with being the strongest? Only time would tell.


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