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Venus of Wysteria: The Stone-Cold Empress

Possessing otherworldly beauty and elegance, Venus is worshipped throughout the galaxy and beyond. With innate psychic abilities and a strong affinity for dark magic, this devious tactician can weaken entire armies and cast curses, causing enemies to attack their own ranks. Always the center of legends and myths, stories claim that those who lay eyes on the goddess's flawless anatomy never see the light of day again.

The Great Nebula Swirl marked the beginning of a revolution, revealing Cosmos's vulnerable side – a reality that not even the Universal Emperor could control. The Swirl brought many astonishing phenomena to the universe, including Venus.

Describing Venus as merely beautiful is an insult. Since emerging from the Swirl, she has radiated with beauty and power. Her flawless body led everyone to consider her a goddess, the epitome of perfection. Even Cosmos himself was stunned upon seeing her.

Because of this, Cosmos deemed her worthy of ruling the Wysteria region – a paradise adorned with lush forests, serene lakes, vibrant flora, sparkling rivers, and majestic mountains stretching as far as the eye can see. It all made sense – the fairest woman in the galaxy governing the Solar System's most gorgeous realm.

However, Wysteria was not a walk in the park. To establish her rule, Venus first had to win the hearts of the war maidens, vicious female warriors who had inhabited the area for ages. She also had to defeat Strella, the strongest maiden alive. The fight raged on for decades, evenly matched, until Venus unleashed the darker side of her power, ending everything instantly.

Immediately after, Venus used her psychic abilities to make everyone forget the pitch-black magic she used to end the duel. She then taught the maidens the ways of the dark arts, making them even more powerful. In return, they formed the Sisterhood of Singularity, an organization dedicated to serving Venus at any cost.

The goddess ruled peacefully for eons, but peace was short-lived. One day, Saturn visited with an army of dregnauts. Venus reluctantly welcomed her guests to avoid bloodshed. However, it wasn't long before Saturn began showing his true colors, nearly tricking Venus into killing her maidens and giving up her powers. Strella intervened at the last minute, sacrificing her life in the process.

Enraged, Venus unleashed her full power, generating a massive cloud of cosmic dust that covered Wysteria in minutes. The curse magic in the veil drove the dregnauts insane, leading them to kill each other. With zero visibility, dead foot soldiers, and the war maidens closing in fast, Saturn was forced to retreat. Venus chose not to chase him, focusing on reorganizing her forces instead.

The skirmish with Saturn changed Venus's perspective completely. She began to regard all men as arrogant, rude, and savage creatures. After wrapping Wysteria in a magic storm that concealed its presence from outsiders, she vowed that no man would ever set foot on her land again and come out alive.

Wysteria became hidden from the universe except for those who unluckily crossed its path. Venus now bore the title Stone-Cold Empress for her quick decision to execute any male outsider that stepped into her territory. Although her resentment towards men was unmatched, destiny had a different plan in mind.

Centuries passed without skirmish. Then Mars, The God of War, stumbled across Wysteria by accident. He had sustained a deep cut that rendered him unable to defend himself. He collapsed in the woods where the war maidens found him, dressed his wounds, and took him to Venus's mansion.

His injury severely depleted Mars's mana, so much so that Venus didn't realize he was a planet like her. Without a second thought, the goddess ordered his head to be staked to a pole. But just as the executioner maiden was about to swing her axe, a shower of meteors suddenly fell from the sky – Saturn demanding payback. Minutes later, Wysteria was covered in smoke, fire, and ash. The invasion halted the execution.

"Darn it. He's here," Mars whispered weakly. He looked at Venus with determined eyes. "Patch me up, and I’ll save everyone."

"What can you even do?" Venus replied.

"Just do it. For the sake of your people. For the universe as well. Come on. We’ve got no time."

"But I’m not a healer. I can only block your nerve receptors with my magic. You won’t feel any pain, but the wound will likely open up again."

"That’s plenty. Do it."

Unshakeable courage reflected in Mars's eyes. Without another word, Venus cast a spell on him that allowed him to fight despite his wound. She also channeled some of her mana to him. It was only then that she realized he was a fellow planet.

Now brimming with energy and power, Mars summoned a thousand flying spears and hurled them towards the incoming meteors. When Saturn showed up,

She and Venus fought together. The fight was easily one-sided. Mars barely kept up with Saturn's attacks. He had no chance in a head-to-head battle. But thanks to Venus's support magic, they eventually managed to drive the elder planet away from Wysteria.

That was how the friendship between Venus, The Stone-Cold Empress, and Mars, The God of War, began. Mars was the only male welcomed in Wysteria. Not long after, he introduced Venus to his twin sister, Earth, and the two goddesses immediately connected.

Unfortunately, warm moments were fleeting. The trio was bound to fight each other as Cosmos announced the Second Giganum Tournament, a battle to the death between the planets. Venus didn't care about it at first. But as soon as the stakes were laid out, she faced difficult decisions involving heart-wrenching sacrifices.

Would she follow her heart, or would she stay faithful to her goals?


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